I started my journey in a home that was very broken like many of you have started your lives. My parents did the best they knew how and eventually they divorced. I hated school and struggled with authority figures. As a teenager, I was on a very destructive path and heavily medicated myself with alcohol, drugs and sex to try and find the peace and love that I really wanted to desire. I contemplated suicide many times during those years. Somehow I made it through those years alive. I give credit to my guardian angel for this. However, I was still very broken but learning life’s lessons and picking myself up and starting over again and again. I made a decision to go to college. Went off to college in my early 20s and did well for the first time in my academic years. Started my career as a computer programmer. Got married, bought a house and had a beautiful little girl. I had all the things I needed to support myself and daughter if I divorced my husband and I wasn’t ever going to be like my mother and struggle without money. Boy was I wrong. I have had financial struggles most of my adult life and repeated this pattern over and over again. I was unhappy and ended up divorcing my husband. Along the way there has been very little joy in life except when I was with my little girl. All of a sudden she started telling me things that she shouldn’t be able to know. I was observing this child as a psychic. It came so natural and I didn’t want her to lose this gift or become frightened by it. So, I decided to go back to school again. This time to learn how to help her develop her natural abilities which put me on my spiritual journey to begin learning about intuition and alternative healing modalities.

It’s amazing what you learn in life and one of the most amazing things I have learned is how to heal myself and to help facilitate this in others. When I first began on my spiritual path, I thought this was impossible and that no one in their right mind could be healing others. Well again that beautiful little girl showed me the way. She had suffered with asthma most of her early life and was on a path that she needed daily steroids. I knew as her mother I couldn’t do this to her not only for her own health but my sanity because she was a holy terror taking this medication. I found a doctor that was able to help us. He used kinesiology, lasers, little boxes full of pellets to hold and all kinds of crazy things. After the first visit to this doctor she showed immediate signs of improvement and has been asthma free for several years. I didn’t know how it all worked but I knew it did. So, I continued to study and became an energy healer and minister.

I have been studying many healing modalities over the years from herbs to energy work. Plus developing my intuition through spiritual practices. All of this has been an amazing journey and I have determined I will be a lifelong learner in this amazing life. I am grateful that I have had all the good and bad experiences in my life and I can find blessings in each one of those pieces of my life.

Are you wondering how can all of this help you to heal your life and find the blessings? My goal is to help you facilitate your own healing. When you can take the responsibility for your own healing your divine ability to heal will assist you on all levels of your life within the body, emotions, mind and spirit. I help to educate each client and act as an amplifier to jump start their healing process. Without someone or something to guide us we don’t know how to fix it. My guide has been my child and I would be honored to be your guide your path to healing and growing spiritually.



Reverend Hilarie Ann